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A grandmother to seven perfect kiddies… adore their moms & dads too. Wife of a great man of purpose. Nothing relaxes more than cooking for get-togethers… and long walks, especially when connecting with new and old friends. Tea times and coffee shops have a hold on me!

I’m passionate about how God used ordinary people to change my life, I want to do the same, encouraging others to find God’s purpose for them, and the people they will touch.

It’s always coffee or tea time somewhere!

As a child, I loved writing stories. Interestingly, my professional career began with writing on the subject of “DIY Decorating Projects”. I’d taught courses on a variety of those subjects for years. That led to hosting the award-winning, “Interior Design on a Dime”, a how-to decor cable show that ran in Western Canada. I just can’t help passing on ideas!
My Faith has formed the bedrock of my inspirational articles and talks. My blogs now tackle real-life challenges, with good news stories of others who’ve been in the same place as you and me. I love championing heroes!
I can find the “funny” in anything. Whether speaking or writing, real-life stories are sprinkled with a good dose of humor. We learn to grow from our own experiences, and each others!