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The table is not a place. It’s WHO you are, WHEREVER you are! My occasional “Tuesday Table Talks” share stories around all kinds of tables – from the loveliest of settings to the most challenging circumstances.

Not able to coffee indoors during the worst of Covid, my sister Karen and I were determined to visit on a blustery spring day. Spotting this “daffodil corner”, chairs were snuggled into one sunny spot. We sipped drinks at our improvised “table” as we teased each other, at the same time sharing our hearts.

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“Table Talk Tuesdays”

The Pantry of Pleasures

“My rapped attention would be focused on the under-stairs pantry, which guarded troves of fresh baking. On any visit, its treasures might offer up chocolate muffins, gumdrop cake dolloped with creamy icing, or extra syrupy cinnamon buns. You could count on a fresh loaf of homemade bread.  The aroma of spices, yeast and sugar would…

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Good Friday, but my “Sunday” was Coming!

I’m reminded of the fiery sermon title by the black preacher, S.M. Lockridge, five powerful words. “It’s Friiidaaaay! But Sunday’s Coming!”. All seemed hopeless and lost on the Friday of Jesus’ crucifixion. However, new life was coming on Sunday! … It’s Good Friday, April 8, 1955, Saint John, New Brunswick. The circumstances weren’t ideal, and…

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Charcuterie… the new cheese & crackers!

Whether Mom was feeling rushed, or it was getting near the end of “pay period”, she could count on one meal to solve her problems – Kraft slices and bologna, layered over a crusty white roll. Those pyramids of culinary delights stretched her budget and her timeline! All the family knew is that she’d planned…

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And that’s the Tea!

“Spill the tea, “that’s the Tea”… A modern definition of spread the news, or, that’s the truth! According to Urban Dictionary, “spill the tea” means, “the scoop”, “the news”. The term can be used for local gossip, to indicate that yours is the juiciest of news!” “Have you heard the latest?” “You can count on this being the…

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